Welcome to Japan Advisory

Japan Advisory Inc. is a consultancy services firm in Tokyo helping foreign companies succeed in Japan. Our client focused approach gives local management, overseas HQs and shareholders additional perspectives and solutions.

Japan, the world’s third largest economy, presents an exceptional opportunity for many global companies. Developing and building an effective Japan presence that delivers your business objectives may be one of the bigger challenges your company will undertake.

While “Think Global – Act Local” is the mantra of many organizations in their pursuit of expansion, actually developing an effective operation in Japan is not easy. Dealing with the differences in culture, business practices, regulation and political environment is an additional challenge, over and above the realities of a highly competitive marketplace.

Japan Advisory’s mission is to maximize value for shareholders, provide strategic input and increase overall transparency. We assist foreign affiliated companies in Japan, giving overseas HQ’s and shareholders the additional perspective of years of relevant Japan business experience.

Key areas of focus are:

  • Achievement of Strategic Goals
  • Sales Strategy & Market Positioning
  • Negotiation Strategy and Procurement Improvement
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching / Cross Culture Training
  • Company Representation / Board of Director Requirements
  • Interim Management
  • Investor and Customer Relations Management

Partner and associate bios, references and client endorsements are available upon request.

Feel free to contact us to discuss issues you may have.

Japan Advisory Inc.
Nishiwaseda 3-8-1-221
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Japan 169-0051
Tel (+81) 070-6510-6929
Fax (+81) 03-4496-6163
General information: info@japanadvisory.com

Japan Advisory Inc. is a Licensed Cross Culture Training Partner of Richard Lewis Communications (http://www.crossculture.com/) for Japan, Korea and Taiwan

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